Lowies van Zanen
Product design

Hermetic Compendium of
Typographic Masonry, 2014

Exhibition with posters by Richard Niessen, made for the festival 'Une Saison Graphique' in Le Havre (May 6 - June 27 2014).
26 A0 Posters floating in the air at different heights and angles, connected with a chaotic structure of wooden poles. The patterns on the poles are based on images that inspired Richard. Each poster can be identified by a black letter (A-Z) on the back.
The packaging is part of the exhibition. Information about the posters can be found on their unfolded boxes. The poles are packed in big knife/tool rolls.
Exhibition designed together with Richard Niessen.

Size l*w*h: 9m x 6m x 4m
Material: Wood, posters, paint, fabric, straps.

most photos:
(c) Virgile Laguin (2014)